Employee Centricity New Age Fad or a Great Retention Strategy?

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 In the Federal Contracting market, exceptional talent is at a premium. To attract the best and the most highly equipped, employers offer perks. These perks include flexible work schedules, increased benefits; (such as health insurance and allowances such as travel), and telework. These are strategies that help in attracting and retaining qualified candidates. However, maximizing employee satisfaction requires a more “employee-centric” work environment.

Satisfied employees = satisfied customers = satisfied shareholders

An employee-centric organization makes it a priority to provide an environment where employees feel most productive and engaged.  You will have processes that ensure employees can get their job done most efficiently. You will ensure, as an employer, that you are communicating with your employees. Processes and procedures that ensure open communication and flow of positive feedback will be in place. Being an organization that embodies an employee-centric approach also means you offer flexibility in terms of the types of projects your team members can support.

There is a lot of talk in the business world about being employee-centric. One would assume that it is a fad and wonder why it is vital to be employee-centric and customer-centric. Can an organization do both? The short answer is yes. Both are organizations’ cultures, but they are also strategies for retention.

January 16, 2021
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